How do i web scrape aliexpress from rails (console) or app

how do i webscrape aliexpress? i learned how to get a document object class Nokogiri::HTML containing the full html but there’s no tables only ul and li selectors and i’m having trouble with that

Give us an example of a page you are scraping and an element you can't find.


If you are now seeing the data then no I don't want to see it. Your
original problem is fixed.


I could read the item description on the page in the browser but couldn’t find it searching the source I’m new to using the browser debugging console I never had any reason to use it before So I couldn’t find the description I saw on the page in the source so I right clicked on the description and selected inspect This is what I got:

  • Cord Length (m):


  • What can I do with this?

    If you can see the description in the browser but not in the source then as
    a web developer I am sure you can think of at least a couple of ways that
    might happen.