How do I use a favicon in rails 6 ?

I tried creating a favicons folder under app/javascripts/images/favicons and a favicons.js file in app/javascripts/packs and an import statement in app/javascripts/packs/application.js to load the favicons.js file but I just got an error from webpacker that there was no entry in manifest.json for favicon.ico I had tried to follow the tutorial here

Why don’t you just put the favicon.ico file on your /public folder? do you have something special to use javascript for this?

I don’t know Can you look at the page and tell me if it works for you

What I mean is that you don’t really need webpacker for the favicon, you can just put the favicon.ico file inside app/public and it should work

Why is rails complaining that it’s not in manifest.json am I missing entries in package.json?