How do I install Ruby on Rails on a CentOS server?

Hi, I'm new to Ruby and Ruby on Rails. I have a CentOS server which is
part of an offline/private network. I need to install Ruby on Rails,
MySQL, Apache, and PHPmyAdmin on the server and be able to take and keep
the server offline after the install. Does anyone have any resources on
how to go about all this? Thanks!

Can you connect temporarily to the Internet?

If so, do - install everything normally, and then disconnect.

The alternative isn't pretty :slight_smile:

It will be really difficult to install all that stuff off-line. Once you install RVM, Ruby, you can init a simple Rails app by just packaging all the needed gems into vendor/cache directory of the Rails application to copy:

Just create a Rails app locally on your PC, then run (from insde of your Rails app created somewhere on your PC):

bundle package


Then copy the locally created app to the server and run

bundle install


This use the gems in the cache in preference to the ones

But install Mysql, Apache & Co - dont think it to be possible offline.

Even when using tolls like Chief, Puppet.

May be the best solution will be to use Vagrant and then copy the VM to the server.