How can pass the input value in the find_by_sql() function?

1) "please help me immediately" is rude. You think people say "oh i
know the answer but i will wait with the answer for 3 days?" People
will help if they can.

2) <%= text_field "movie", "id" %>
will compile to:
<input type="text" id="movie_id" name="movie[id]" value="<%=
%>" />
(look at your generated HTML)
so your parameter is params[:movie][:id] and NOT params[:id]

=> @report = Movie.find_by_sql([query, params[:movie][:id]])

3) why don't you just use:

@report = Movie.find(params[:movie][:id])

that will have the same result, plus it gives you the advantages of AR
collections, which find_by_sql doesn't

1) as i already said, it is not params[:id], it's params[:movie][:id]
    so, as i already said, try Movie.find(params[:movie][:id])

2) you don't need the value. if it's not there, it won't be
filled in the text_field, but that's fine. it's just part of how the
FormTagHelpers build the Tags.
   look at your generated HTML

Ruhul Amin wrote:

My main missionis to search a movie by its name. so please tell me
how can i use to write the sql query using "like"

The books /Agile Development with Rails/ and /Rails Recipes/ cover
that. Please consider getting one, or both. They will teach this

    raise params.inspect

Write that into an action, and it will show you what parameters the
view sends to the action. Then take it out!

suppose i want to search all movie whose name begin with "mission"

        @reports = Movie.find(:all, :conditions => ['name like ?', "%mission%"])

Now replace mission with a variable, such as "%#{search_term}%".