how can I put multiple model classes to one file?

Hi Nanyang,
even i have the same question "why your class generator needs to shove
all the classes into a single file?"

keeping aside that question..!!

(I don't know whether this is answering your problem or not?)
just give a try like this...

module ModelGenerator
       def add_model(model_name, table_name)
           dynamic_model = "class #{model_name} < ActiveRecord::Base ;
set_table_name '#{table_name}'; end;"

Now you can say something like this,

require 'model_generator'
include ModelGenerator

add_model('Person', 'people')
Person.find(10) # what-ever code you want.

It seems, by default, the model_name.rb file is a must for a model.
I just created a 'bars' table in database, and I can't access Bar model
until I create an app/models/bar.rb file with:>class Bar < ActiveRecord::Base

even moving these two line codes to app/models/foo.rb raise error.

I want a Bar model, without a bar.rb file. I want to do this because I
want to have a SUPER model class to GENERATE models.
While tables are ready, I want to use methods like:

>def add_model(model_name)
> #define model_name as a new model class


ny idea how to do this?