how can I download full Rails API doco in the format it is at ???


How can I download full Rails API doco in the format it is at ???

That is at this URL it seems they've brought all the RDOC for each of
the rails areas into one consolidated area. I'm looking for a way to
get this off-line? (I know I can go "gem server" and browse each of
the rails sections one-by-one, however it's as not as quick/useable as
the consolidated version available at the above-mentioned URL).


Take a look at It's not quite the same form but
the content and interface is there. You might also take a look at although it's only current to 2.3.2.

Of course, there's always the question of what version / patch level.
That's where there's no substitute for a local gem server.

I second the suggestion for It allows you to
tailor whatever combination of rails/ruby/a few specific gems apis
together and download them locally to your machine. It's pretty easy
to search and has a nice layout.

  1. Download the rails repo at

  2. Inside the directory, run “rake -T” and you see this:

rake clobber_rdoc # Remove rdoc products

rake default # Run all tests by default

rake package # Run package task for all projects

rake pdoc # Publish API docs for Rails as a whole and for each component

rake pgem # Run pgem task for all projects

rake rdoc # Run rdoc task for all projects / Build the rdoc HTML Files

rake release # Run release task for all projects

rake rerdoc # Force a rebuild of the RDOC files

rake test # Run test task for all projects

  1. Run “rake rdoc” and in the “doc/rdoc” directory you get the html files for the rails api doc.

You can do this with all new version of rails, or update.

excellent - thanks guys - I've used each approach so I'll be right to
go when I'm offline :slight_smile: