How can I avoid this warning?

Hi all,

Im using mongodb database in my rails 3 app.i tried to implement
facebook and twitter login in my applications but i failed, one warning
will occure.

The warning is, "ActionDispatch::Cookies::CookieOverflow"

Someone explain for this solutions: You need change your session_store
and don't use the cookie_store. You can use the active_record_store by

I cant understand this solution, How to solve this warning, can anyone

      Thanks and Regards......

Hi Niyas ,
Hope you’ve set the whole user record in a session,just set like this session[:current_user]


The problem is you are probably storing a large amount of data in your
cookies. possibly your session. So try looking at the data you are
storing on your sessions. Try to limit the data being passed around from
your browser to your server.