Hover effect for column data field...

Hi All
i have a table column field which is of 50 characters i am showing only
10 out of it so that my layout remain proper. what i want is when i
hover on that field it should show me all the content of that field AT
THE SAME ROW.So when i hover on a that column field it should show me
all the field data on the same row. I don't want to use title parameter
of HTML.

I don't know where to post this topic? in rails is there any way to do
or i have to implement it only using javascript and css.



you'll want to do this client-side to have no client/server-
communication and thus instant loading of your content. rails ships
with prototype, but it's still javascript. so, to answer your
question: use javascript and css. add an observer for mouseover and
then do whatever is necessary (i.e. change div-overflow or z-

You might find this helpful: http://tracesof.blogspot.com/2009/02/creating-tooltips-using-rails-helper.html.
Using this code you can wrap the content of your table fields in a
"with_tooltip" block, which should give you the desired results.
There are plenty of other resources on the same topic to be found on
the web of course ..