Homes For Syrians website

Hi All,

First post. New to Ruby although good experience with Drupal and other CMSs.

Recently, I put together a site to match space in UK homes with Syrian refugees needing shelter. It is built with Sharetribe, which is a hosted Ruby on Rails marketplace system. A few hundred people have signed up and it is gathering momentum. However the hosted version lacks some basic functionality that would make this a really useful tool.

There is an open source version of Sharetribe which could be customised and run on my server. Is there anyone who might be able to look at this and see how achievable my wish list would be and how long it would take. This is a completely free and self-funded project so please be gentle with me.



Possibly, but not without knowing what that "wish list" includes, eh?

Emailed to you off-list. Thanks.


Please send the wish list.


Hi Prionko,

Can I send it off list as potential vulnerabilities I don’t want to highlight here?

I am at