hii friends,,,,,i m new to rails......i think there is a problem in destroy command .

thanks for reply…let me explain …

there is no such a testing model present
rails destroy model testing

invoke active_record

remove migration.rb

remove app/models/testing.rb

invoke rspec

remove spec/models/testing_spec.rb

invoke factory_girl

remove spec/factories/testings.rb

but it is still removing files…

one more example

rails destroy controller testing

remove app/controllers/testing_controller.rb

invoke erb

remove app/views/testing

invoke rspec

remove spec/controllers/testing_controller_spec.rb

invoke helper

remove app/helpers/testing_helper.rb

invoke rspec

remove spec/helpers/testing_helper_spec.rb

invoke assets

invoke coffee

remove app/assets/javascripts/testing.js.coffee

invoke scss

remove app/assets/stylesheets/testing.css.scss

there is no testing controller prsent…

this thing is happen with all directory structure…
scaffold also do the same thing…

there should be any exception or error ???

No - the generator output is (slightly) confusing, but raising an exception in these cases would mean that you wouldn’t be able to use ‘destroy’ to clean up after a generator if you’d manually removed any of the files it had created.

–Matt Jones