Hide password params in log file


I just noticed that when users register or login to my website (I use restful_auth), their password gets printed out in the production.log file. How can I prevent that? I consider this a major security issue.

SSL is used to prevent eavesdropping and passwords are stored encrypted in DB by the way, but I never thought about log files.

in application.rb, insert: filter_parameter_logging “password”


filter_parameter_logging is your friend.

* http://robbyonrails.com/articles/2007/07/16/rails-code-audit-tips-filtered-parameter-logging

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In you application.rb file use

filter_parameter_logging “password”



Hi, please remember google is your friend:

a) Google is your friend


b) Api Documents is also a good resource


Note: If you search for password, you’ll also find a reference for ‘filter_parameter_logging’

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in application.rb, insert: filter_parameter_logging "password"

Thank you all for your replies. This should be included by default (or at least commented out?) in restful_auth generator and any other authentication plugin.

Pretty sure this is in there by default in recent versions of Rails. (in application controller) (2.3 i believe)