hey guys.. i need a feedback on a website i wrote in rails..

could you please check out http://urlazy.com,

and comment on this post what do you think about it ?

i really appreciate it.


can you try again ?
it's working fine for me...

cheers :slight_smile:

works fine here!

After opening the site and reading a little to see what it does, I
clicked the "let's get started..." link... once there I made it look
like this:


I don't like the lightbox concept (read http://www.37signals.com/svn/posts/592-been-lightboxed-lately
) as a user... if you are going to use it, make it modal...

After typing some lazies, I typed .g and got 500 on http://urlazy.com/redirect/search

Status: 500 Internal Server Error Content-Type: text/html
Application error (Rails)

I don't like the background collor also =P

I think thats it... hth

There should definitely be a 'private' option. Someone already has the
'Credit card' shortcut set... and they probably don't want the world
to see that. Something like urlazy.com/username/shortcut or even
username.urlazy.com/shortcut would be a good solution to this.

Also, I created a shortcut for 'a' but that url doesn't work and it
doesn't show up in my permalinks, but it also says that url is 'taken'
when I try to use it again.

What is this nonsense: "http://urlazy.com/?
url=google.com&lazy=a&isu=&desc=#" ?

I definitely like the graceful handling of entering a lazy that's not
already defined -- just google it.

I used '?url=google.com&lazy=a&isu' as a unique name, and that seemed
to cause problems :wink: In fact, starting any unique name (urlazy) with ?
doesn't tend to work very well.

Overall, though, very cool idea. I've always wished I could extend my
Camino functionality to other browsers... and with this I almost can!


Thanks ALOT!! for all the feedback guys. (esp. justing & felipe)
I will look into it specifically and fix/improve according
to your suggestions.


p.s the more the merrier..
if any one else wants to take a ride..

<a href='http://urlazy.com'>urlazy.com</a>