Heroku ffmpeg buildpacks

I’m working on a video upload rails app and am using paperclip-av-transcoder, s3, Heroku. The main issue I’m concerned with is why dose the video uploads on mobile phones not work when the buildpacks - (ruby, ffmpeg) are set.

If I set the buildpacks the videos should show as they show on desktop devised once I’ve installed ffmpeg in the console.

Is there some set validations or has_attached_file to be set in the video model?

Seems that there is some Heroku 3rd party asset that needs to be implemented for this to work?

StackO - Heroku ffmpeg buildpacks for video upload:

: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/33142552/heroku-ffmpeg-buildpacks-for-video-uploads/33184646?noredirect=1#comment54200243_33184646