Help with session

oookk, so i have 2 actions , create and destroy, i can get
session[:cart_id] from inside the create method but not from inside
the delete method.

def create
    @cart = current_cart
    Rails.logger.debug "SESSION INFO HERE
#{session[:cart_id]}" this here is 18


def destroy
    # @cart = current_cart
    @line_item = LineItem.find(params[:id])
    Rails.logger.debug "SESSION INFO HERE
#{session[:cart_id]}" this here is nil


here is how i create the cart

  def current_cart
    rescue ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound
      Rails.logger.debug "SESSION IS #{session.inspect}" <==
is empty when i call it from the destroy method
     cart = Cart.create
     session[:cart_id] =

anyone knows whats going on?

does it work when you uncomment this line in destroy?

# @cart = current_cart

oh wait.. ignore that. of course it will work but it just creates
a new cart. :-\ sorry, long day

If i do that what happens is that since the session is nil a new cart i created and i lose all the items in the original “current_cart”

and a new cart is rendered with no items.

even if i successfully delete the right line_item, when the cart is update is populated from the new current_cart and everything is lost.

By the way im doing everything via ajax.

but why does the session changes? or why cant i access it form the destroy method?

any before filters clearing it out?

with AJAX, if your rails app is on a different domain than the page
hosting the form the cookies may get blocked resulting in no session
information being available.

Do a global search through your app and make sure you are not
accessing the session anywhere else.
If there are any other references but you believe that you are not
accessing them then put ruby-debug breakpoints at each and make sure
you do not get there.


When the create action gets called is there also another ajax action
that gets triggered by the browser at roughly the same time? There can
be race conditions when that sort of things happens.


no other ajax call is made

It works well without ajax, there seem to be a problem when calling the action via ajax

i official , if i try to do and ajax request to the destroy action i cant access the session, can some on please test to see if its a bug?

in debuggin, if i stop to check the session during the destroy action i get this

“DEPRECATION WARNING: Disabling sessions for a single controller has been deprecated. Sessions are now lazy loaded. So if you don’t access them, consider them off. You can still modify the session cookie options with request.session_options. (called from block in at_line at (eval):5)”

as if am using

session :off

but am not, could this be related to devise?

it seems to be realted to my rails.js file i think is not passing the csrf_token on every request

ok , i just confirmed this. here is the problem

my rails.js file i installed with jquery rails, is not properlly passing the csrf token so

“The request will also not include the required CSRF data, and as of Rails 3.0.4 the session is silently reset instead of throwing an ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken error. This is why you suspect the authentication issue lies with Devise, but it is actually being triggered within Rails itself.”

that is why i cant see the session from the destroy action, when i remove


from the application_controller everything works ok , it also works if the request is not ajax based with protect_from_forgery enable.

Ok is fixed by downloading the latest rais.js that supports rails 3.0.4

it has this new method in it which makes sure the csrf token is sent on every request

// Make sure that every Ajax request sends the CSRF token

function CSRFProtection(xhr) {

	var token = $('meta[name="csrf-token"]').attr('content');

	if (token) xhr.setRequestHeader('X-CSRF-Token', token);


if ('ajaxPrefilter' in $) $.ajaxPrefilter(function(options, originalOptions, xhr){ CSRFProtection(xhr) });

else $(document).ajaxSend(function(e, xhr){ CSRFProtection(xhr) });