help with selection list


I want to make a selection list, which I call a dropdown, which, when
a user makes his or her selection, will do an ajax call, and update a
partial. Without hitting a button -- the ajax request will fire off
upon the selection.

I'd appreciate a hint -- can't figure out where to start.



The Agile Book is always a good place to start looking for things
Rails. In your case, page 523-526 in the 2nd Edition has some good
stuff that can get you started on what you want.


Is a form observer the way to go with this? I was thinking of just
doing an onchange, so that when any element is selected, it fires off
an ajax request.

Either way would work. I prefer to write less
javascript and let the observer deal w/ the ajax request, but they will
both do basically the same thing one is a little more rails, the other
a little more javascript.

charlie caroff wrote:

I use observers for this all the time doing exactly
what you want. I use it in my pagination footer. I give the user a list
of available pages, and if a new page is chosen, the observer fires off
an ajax request which then uses rjs to update the page results.

K. Rajesh wrote:

By way of an example:

The default for observe field is on change so the call to remote
occurs whenever a selection is made:

       <%= select 'order', 'ship_method',
         ['1st Class Standard', '1st Class Recorded','Next Day
Courier', 'Special Delivery' ]%>


<%= observe_field :order_ship_method,
                                :controller=>'order', :id=>,



Very good. Thanks to all. This is one of those things where I didn't
know what to look for in the first place. Got it working now.