Help with routes and params

Hi John,

I highly suggest you take a peek as the associations that Rails
provides. A good place to start is the Rails Guides.
and also the guide on routes (particularly the part on nested
These will make life much easier for you if you follow them.

Sorry for not really answering your question... :slight_smile:

Again, I would go this route though. :slight_smile:

I think you have to have a look at Rails basics. A basic forum would
be something like:

forums has_many categories
categories has_many topics
topics has_many replies

then you have has_many routes like /forums/1/categories/1/topic and in
your routes.rb you would do

map.resources :forums do |forum|
  forum.resources :categories do |cat|
    cat.resources :topics

You could add :has_many => :topics but if you need members and/or
collections later its better this way.