Help with loading data with sequential id


I'm trying to load data into my mysql table using the following:

============ load_codes_data.rb ============
require 'active_record/fixtures'
class LoadCodesData < ActiveRecord::Migration
  def self.up
    directory = File.join(File.dirname("MY_DIR_NAME"), "data")
    Fixtures.create_fixtures(directory, "codes")

  def self.down

I suppose you want use the omap YAML type. Read about it in and in


Franco Catena.

Thanks for the pointer! I modified the codes.yml file to look like
this (below) and now it inserts ordered list with sequential ids. I
had to try it several times to get the spacing right.. I had two
spaces (no tabs) in front of the key:value pair initially, but it
needed four spaces instead.

=============== codes.yml ===================
--- !omap
- r1:
    id: 1
    seq: 1
    cat: source
    description: Member
- r2:
    id: 2
    seq: 2
    cat: source
    description: Friends or Family
- r3:
    id: 3
    seq: 3
    cat: source
    description: Book
- r4:
    id: 4
    seq: 4
    cat: source
    description: Search Engine
- r5:
    id: 5
    seq: 5
    cat: source
    description: Magazine
- r6:
    id: 6
    seq: 6
    cat: source
    description: Other