Help with email

Hi, I wanna do 2 things:

first I want to be able to click on link in my website and make it appear one of those smalls screens for the user to type the message, email, etc, and send this email to the admin.

second I want to make something like those supports that you type the email and text in the browser, press send and it sends an email to the admin.

How can I do that?

Thank you,


hey dude, check it out the site its amazing site, speaking about much things in ruby and rails check this is very helpful

any doubts, please, ask

I think a lot of commands there don’t work for rails 3, do you know any video of the same kind but for rails 3?

Also I want the user to be able to type the email on the website, and that email come to my personal email, not send an email with the rails app.

How can I do that?

Thank you,


I’m receiving this error:


any idea?

Error number :: Error Connection Refused

Your e-mail server refuses your connection. Either it doesn’t allow SMTP relaying at all, it uses POP-before-SMTP (what most e-mail clients do: fetch new mail, then send off queued mails) or you have to authenticate.

In any case, check your hosting provider’s requirements, check the RoR docs on e-mailing and fix it.

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Peter De Berdt

actually I’m running it locally (localhost)