Help test a new Rails app

Hi Railsies,

A new Rails app is about to launch in about a month, and I am looking for people to help test it. It's a small application which fills a fun niche, but that's all I want to say about it at this moment.

I'm looking for people who do basic things such as register and use the application. No serious monkey-proofing is required, and you won't be bugged by me or required to fill out Bug Feedback Form 23-A.

As a thank you, your account will be upgraded for free and it will remain active when the test is over.

I am blogging about the developments, so you can drop a comment there or reply to this message publicly or privately. To keep in touch, I suggest you subscribe to the blog's feed at this time.

Those interested will receive an invitation code in the mail in about 1 -2 weeks.