help: restful and ajax call

After I thought this was fixed I found out that it wasn’t. What i want to do is give the user the ability to add additional text_fields to their form. I’ve created the calls and forms but let me show what’s going on:

In the form: <%= link_to_remote “[+]”, :update => ‘xtratitle’, :url => {:action => “addtfield”} %>

… <% end %>

# here is the div for the update (which works when …keep reading)

In the controller - def addtfield

 render(:partial => 'txtfield')


So here is the where the problem seems to be: In the controller I have a before_filter :find_candidate

private def find_candidate @candidate_id = params[:candidate_id]

redirect_to candidate_url unless @candidate_id
@candidate = Candidate.find(@candidate_id)

When it’s enabled - and I try the link_to_remote I get this error:


in CanpositionsController#addtfield Couldn’t find Candidate without an ID

If I disable the before_filter (which is obviously not the right solution) Then it gets me in the create or update code for not having the @candidate_id so db operations can’t take place.

I thought that since I was only adding a field into the form the form should handle this candidate_id , not sure.

Any suggestions ? Stuart


Adding a field is a separate action, so you're going to have to let your controller know what you're doing. Add :candidate_id => in your :url hash, change your before_filter to not include the addtfield action, use the session or flash, do something.

And I don't know the specifics of your page layout, but keep in mind that update means replace_html. If you want to append something, use :position.

Thank you Yossef. It is working now , however I believe adding the candidate_id to the link_to_remote hash has any effect url => {:action => “addtfield”, :candidate_id => @} I only say that cause I added a condition in the action based on the candidate_id and it had no effect. Unless I need to add more braces , which I haven’t tried yet.


I also have another related question to this - Having a weird behaviour with my action :

def addtfield user_title_counts = Cantitle.count(:all, :conditions => [“user_id = ?”,])

  if user_title_counts == 3
  flash[:notice]= "Maximum 3 allowed"
  render(:partial => 'txtfield')

Problem is that it’s not sending a flash notice but it’s throwing an error looking for addtfield.rhtml ?


Hey Stuart-

    Ok so you don't need an ajax call for this it is overkill. All you really need is some javascript to add a new form element. So here is a js function that will insert a new text_field when you click a link.

<script type='text/javascript'> function addNewTextField(id, obj, meth, val){    new Insertion.Before(id, '<input type="text" name="'+obj+'['+meth+']" value="'+val+'" />') } </script>

<% form_for(:whatever, :url => whateverss_path) do |f| %> <%= text_filed 'whatever', 'foo' %>

<%= link_to_function "[+] add", "addNewTextField('buttons_info', 'canlocation', 'city')" %>

   <div class="buttons_info">        <%= submit_tag "Submit" %>     </div> <% end %>

  Have fun with it.

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