Help: pool doesn't work correctly!

Hi, i'm using nginx+passenger and i've set a max_connection_pool for
passenger equal to 10, and the rails pool in the database.yml to 25.
Looking to the production log i've found that it's not updated (i've
restart both mysql and nginx). The error is:
ActiveRecord::ConnectionTimeoutError (could not obtain a database
connection within 5 seconds. The max pool size is currently 5; consider
increasing it.):

Cleary it's not updated to 25 but it still use the default (5)

This is the db.yml:

  adapter: mysql
  database: ...
  username: ...
  password: ...
  host: localhost
  port: ...
  timeout: 5000
  pool: 25

How can i fix this and let it use 25 instead of 5?