Help please ASAP getting stuck on showing articles


I am using the gettting started with rails tutorial on Rails guide

I am up to session 5.7 Showing articles. I am stuck on this session as i have changed my parameters to be strong and all went well. I have defined my show method in my controller however, when i link this to the HTML file i put this code as seen below however when i run it it shows an error saying line 3 .title is undefined. Any advice would be great.




``<%= @article.title %>




``<%= @article.text %>



Does it say that .title is undefined for nil or for an article object
or what (it is usually a good idea to copy/paste the full error
message here, others may see something significant that you had not
noticed). If it is for nil then you have not setup @article. If it
is for an article object then possibly there is no title column in the
articles table. Perhaps you forgot to run a migration.


Thanks but the problem was i had to place the method above the private session so it wasnt included in the private bit But thanks