help on building a microservice that can receive an uploaded image

Hi everyone ,

I have a job interview test to build a simple microservice that can receive an uploaded image and return a unique identifier for the uploaded image that can be used subsequently to retrieve the image.

Do you have some ideas on lib and UUID that can be used . normaly in PHP there some can be done in help using this :

Link 1:

Link 2 :

Thank you all lot in advance

Ruby has SecureRandom for this sort of thing:


Do you have some examples for using this ,

I found cloudinary gem , they already did some good work on image management pipeline.

You were honest about this being your "homework", which is good: many people try to ask the same sort of questions without that decency. I gave you a link to the documentation, which has examples for each of the methods in this module -- without seeing the rest of your work, I can't tell you more about how to integrate it there.


Thanks man , your comment providing was helpful, thank you again