Help me... how to convert amchart to pdf


I need help… I want to making 1 controller for covert html to pdf… But that html have amchart (swf). When I tried convert, the swf not loadded…

Any body can help me Please???


I need help… I want to making 1 controller for covert html to pdf…
Try using prawn gem ( and prawnto plugin ( They create PDF files “on the fly”. Prawn is able to render images. (But, let me admit that, I have never tried rendering swf files :slight_smile: ).

There is an easy-to-follow example on GitHub (

But that html have amchart (swf). When I tried convert, the swf not loadded…
Your statement sounds not complete, sorry I did not understand you cleariy on this.


I have 1 page… that page have flash(swf)… and have one button to “export to pdf”

When I clicked that button, I want to exporting that page into pdf… But the flash(swf) can be exported. it blank in pdf…

Could u help me please???


I have 1 page… that page have flash(swf)… and have one button to “export to pdf”

What technology are you using to “export to PDF”? I hope there should be a way of rendering the swf file (though it will be motionless :slight_smile: ).

Let’s be frank here: the chances of an SWF file being rendered by any PDF generator are slim to none. PrinceXML doesn’t support it, Prawn doesn’t either, you might be lucky with wkhtmltopdf with the --enable-plugins option, unless you are on linux, then apparently it doesn’t work either.

The best way to achieve what you want is just switch from Flash charts to a more open standard, i.e. something that is able to render charts as either a bitmap or an SVG image (although I believe if you want to render SVG in your PDF, Prawn won’t work either).

Best regards

Peter De Berdt

Thank all.
I’m using wkhtmltopdf and the amchart.

Thank you for the logic. But amchart can;t convert into image. May be I must change the chart…

do any body have another idea??Or only that way???

Thank you

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