Help for Newbie

Dustin Anderson wrote:

1. A roadmap of technologies that I should know? (i.e. if I want to
learn Ruby on Rails, what else do I need to know understand (assuming I
know nothing)) Also, what other technologies should I learn to make
myself a well-rounded web developer / web application developer?

Must have:
* General understanding of programming (sounds like you have that
* Ruby

Good to have:
* SQL (while you can code in Rails without using SQL statements, an
understanding of SQL is very helpful in coding with Rails)
* JavaScript (again Rails makes it easy to code without JavaScript. But
understanding some JS will help you decipher and debug Rails code -
your own and others' - , build your own Rails helpers more easily,
* XML (depending on what you're developping)

* You may need specific technologies depending on what you're
developping for, such as SOAP, etc.
* If you delpoy as well then you need to understand a bit about web
servers like Mongrel, Apache, etc.