Help: A copy of ModelSecurity has been removed from the module tree but is still active!

Hi all, I'm posting this in the hope that someone who understands
rails dependencies can shed some light.

I've implemented a "ModelSecurity" module in the vein of Bruce Peren's
old ModelSecurity plugin (

My ModelSecurity module lives in $RAILS_ROOT/lib. It is automatically
included into ActiveRecord::Base by a file in config/initializers.

Everything works fine and dandy (including mongrel in development
mode) EXCEPT when I do "reload!" inside script/console -- then I get
the following error the next time any of my ModelSecurity methods are

  ArgumentError: A copy of ModelSecurity has been removed from the
module tree
  but is still active!

I have tried adding an "unloadable" declaration to my ModelSecurity
model, but it makes no difference.

I also tried adding the "unloadable" declaration to ActiveRecord::Base
itself (I was grasping at straws there), but that doesn't work either
-- it causes "reload!" to fail with:
  NameError: uninitialized constant ActiveRecord::Base

Admittedly this isn't a huge problem (it only affects script/console)
but it is annoying because quitting and re-running script/console
takes ~12s on my system.


Cheers for the suggestion, but that didn't work for me. :frowning:

For the sake of anyone stumbling on to this from a google search, this
was answered on the rails-core mailing list: