Help: "500 Internal Server Error"

Hi guys,

I am a completely ruby & rails newbie. i have being struggling on this
issue for almost 2 days, still can not figure out the problem.

there are two websites i'm trying to set up a development environment on
my pc running windows xp 32 bit version. a front-end customer facing
page & back-end admin page.

the procedure i have gone through is:
1. install ruby version 1.8.6
2. update rubygems version to the latest
3. install rails version 2.3.5
4. install mysql adapter
5. install mongrel & mongrel_service
6. install all required gems for the application
7. create a fresh new rails app & replace the required folders & files
from the source
8. create & migrate the mysql database and then resoted it with the data
from live site
9. start the server and it's running without any problems for the
front-end site

then i went through the same process (from 7 to 9) for the back-end
admin site as well, and type "rake gems:install" to install any required
gems. then start the server, error shows as the following in the log


Tim Teng wrote:


i comment out that line then it works, great.


hey what was that line please suggest