Having admins and users use separate tables and authorizations

I am completely new to Rails and want to use Rails 7. But I have one, not very common requirement.

I would like to have two login pages, one for normal users - for frontend stuff. And one on /admin only for admins.

This is done mostly via roles, but could I have two authorizations where one will authorize only users - for frontend and one only admins - for backend.

Basically I want to have two login pages. And each login form will check in different table and the is_logged_in will be available only in specified routes or scopes of routes (if that’s possible in Rails)

Can it be done in Rails?

Are there any tutorials or at least docs or tips how to achieve this?

Is there perhaps something like Laravel Multiauth but for Rails?

Sounds like you really want to use Devise. I found this on Stack Overflow.