Have you used the Rails SaaS kit?

Have any of you actually bought & used the Rails SaaS kit?

I am considering getting it to skip building out the admin & billing parts but I wanna get feedback from someone who has actually used it.

Would you recommend getting the kit? Would you rather get a refund and built it yourself?

~ mel

Sorry that I can't be of help, but i too am looking for opinions on
the quality of it - I'm looking at it for an application myself, but I
am reluctant to shell out the money at first as I'm writing the app
without any monetary backing :wink:

- Wayne

Wayne, I too, ask Ben for any references and he couldn't provide any. I'd hate to spend the $250 and then find I was the only one. I've been following the Spree project hoping that this might be a better 'open source' way to go. Any ideas are greatly appreciated! Kathleen

Kathleen, after searching my email by your name and your email address, I found I have no record of any email from you asking for references.

Feel free to take a look at the testimonials tab at http://railskits.com/saas/ and you can see quotes from people who have purchased the Kit.