Has_many :trough and creating relationships

Hello, I got the following application: http://pastie.org/901794 (I pasted only the most relevant parts.) It gives an error, while I try to submit the form, specifically: ActiveRecord::AssociationTypeMismatch in BeiratkozasController#create Modul(#51370284) expected, got String(#35011620)

It also does this if I change html << radio_button(model_name, method, option) to html << radio_button(model_name, method, option.id).

It generates the form, and the form works if I comment out the helper, so it adds the other fields to the database (those fields are not included in the pastie for length issues), but it fails while I wish to add the "modul".

Thanks a thousand times and happy Easter! Peter

By the way, does anyone know a more complex tutorial on has_many :through, since in books I have, and on the net, there are only basic uses, but I can't find anything that deals with more complicated situations, like the one in my previous post.

I solved this in a kind of an odd way:

def create     @student = Student.new(params[:student])     respond_to do |format|       if @student.save         student_id = @student.id         @subscription = Subscription.new(:modul_id => params[:valasztott_training]["moduls"], :student_id => student_id)         @subscription.save         format.html { redirect_to("/hallgato/"+student_id.to_s) }       else         format.html { render :action => "new" }       end     end   en

The parameters submitted via a form are always strings (or arrays / hashes containing strings) - You've ended up supplying a string where active record expected actual instances of objects. In this particular case you might try making your form helpers assign to collection_ids rather than collection