has_many :through with :order?

Let's say I have

class Student < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_many :classes_students
  has_many :classes, :through => :classes_students

I want the list of classes for each student to be sorted by the class
I could get an array containing the classes and then sort it. But, I
would like for the database to do the work.

Is there some combination of :include and :order that would cause
rails to ask for a sorted list?

I know this does not work:
  has_many :classes, :through => :classes_students, :order => 'title'

Any ideas?

User.find(:all, :include => [:profile], :order => ‘profiles.name ASC’)

Seems to work for me … not sure that it should, but it does.


> I know this does not work:
> has_many :classes, :through => :classes_students, :order => 'title'

What do you mean this does not work? It works for me. Does it not
sort it the way you want?