has_many :through deletion and destruction

Hi all,

I am going to write a fairly long email about deletion and destruction in has_many :through associations, and then make some proposals. Sorry for the length, but I think it's currently a mess which we need to get sorted. Please do read it :slight_smile:

### Issues ###

I like the behavior you've outlined. I think it's a good change for 3.1.x, but we should definitely make some noise about it. :slight_smile:




What's the best way to make some noise about this? Tell people about this thread?



Proposal sounds reasonable to me.


Allen Madsen

Make a super-hyper-funny post like these on Aaronโ€™s blog! =D

Man, I really like them!

I've spent many hours dealing with strangeness related to these issues. I like your proposed solutions, and I wouldn't mind updating my codebases with this kind of breaking change.

As far as rolling out, I suggest adding a deprecation warning now to all has_many :through calls that will change, and maybe backport those deprecation warnings to the 2-3-stable branch. Many people still have not upgraded to Rails 3 and keeping the 2-3-stable branch up to date with deprecations will help a lot. I'd also suggest releasing this in a minor release (as opposed to a tiny release).