has anyone ever seen this before?

Hi Angela,

Angela Greenwood wrote:

I get this error message in my log:

Parameters: {"action"=>"view", "id"=>"home.html", "controller"=>"page"} Rendering layoutfalseactionhome within layouts/front Rendering page/home Completed in 0.11562 (8 reqs/sec) | Rendering: 0.08692 (75%) | DB: 0.00388 (3%) | 200 OK [http://www.en.scottisharchitecture.com/home.html\]

And the pages will not display.

Actually, that's not an error message at all. That message says everything went OK. The app did exactly what you told it to do and didn't encounter any problems. Without more info re: what you told it to do, it's hard to offer concrete advice.

The site works fine on my winxp machine but not on the Linux server.

Check for hard-coded paths in your code. '\' vs '/' will cause problems, but they usually get flagged with 'file not found' errors. CSS errors don't though.

Best regards, Bill

Actually, I'm seeing a similar symptom over the past few days - rendering blank pages, with no errors in the log (200 OK) - I'm currently attributing it to exceptions being trapped somewhere in the internals. I've seen it happen with bugs in my helpers + with with usage of the url helpers. Occasionally (don't know the conditions) I'll see a normal exception - so it's not a generic exception/logging problem.

In my case, log_level is set to :debug. I'm running on trunk (r6157)

Debugging is a bit tricky now.

Cheers, Jodi General Partner The nNovation Group inc. www.nnovation.ca/blog


I don’t know if it’s related, but I’ve run across pages not showing. Here’s what happened:

I updated code for the new from block syntax:

<% form_tag(“/posts”) do %> … <% end %>

Even though our intention was to upgrade to 1.2.2, I didn’t realize they had the project frozen at rails 1.1.6 (vendor/rails) which doesn’t know this syntax, so we got blank pages. We removed the vendor/rails dir so it would use the 1.2.2 install and everything was fine.

The only other time I got a blank page was with Internet Explorer and it was due to an html error on my part.

I hope this is of some use… -andy

Hi Angela,

Angela Greenwood wrote:

It seems to be finding all the view/pages because if I remove or rename any of them I get an error message(template could not be found). It is just not displaying anything in the browser.

In firefox I get the 500 error from the .htacces file and explorer I get a page cannot be displayed.

My hosting comapny have upgraded to ruby-1.8.5 and rubygems-0.9.0, this is where the problems started. They are telling everthing is working fine their end.

It sounds to me like there's something wrong with some setting, maybe in Rails and maybe in some other component, underneath the application itself. When I have a problem like this, which I do all too often ;-), I work hard to cut the app back to the bare bones in an effort to get a repeatable problem that's one step away from a non-problem.

You mentioned having a subdomain set up. First thing I'd do is try to get the basics of what you're doing, which is selecting the view to find from the database and then rendering it, working with no subdomain involved. Then take the step that introduces the subdomain and see if that is, in fact, where the problem shows itself.

Once you're there, if you haven't 'seen the light' yourself, I'd recommend reposting with your new detail to the rails-deploy list. The same folks are here, but the signal-to-noise ratio for this type of problem is much lower over there.

Sorry I can't be more help.

Best regards, Bill