GWT hosted mode (debug) and rails

Hi all,

First of all sorry about the double posting I thought it might be
useful for both lists.

We've have a project that's moving on quite quickly now using GWT for
display and Rails for the backend. Our application uses JSON for
communication, it works very well. The only problem we've had is debug
in hosted mode. Below is a solution that works for us, I hope that
other people might find it useful.

WARNING: before you run your application in debug, ensure that you
DON'T have the compile module in your public directory... we remove it with a rake task just before we start up the hosted mode.
Forget and it will run, but debug ing will not work.

1. Add the following to your config/routes.rb

# repeat this for each GWT module map.connect "my.gwt.test/*path", :controller => "gwt_proxy", :action
=> "proxy"

2. create a controller called gwt_proxy and add the following code to it

# !!!!!! BIG FAT WARNING !!!!!!!