GSoC Proposal - Asynchronous Active Resource


This is the second proposal that I submitted to GSoC. Please feel free
to leave any comments on it.

Thank you.

One thing I'd like to suggest is that, at least for me, it would be
useful if this kind of work could be passed off to another machine to
handle. I know this request drastically increases the work load, but I
think it would be beneficial to have a setup where one box handles
server-to-client and another could handle server-to-server and other
tasks that don't involve user interaction. Of course I would still
want to be able to do both operations on the same machine, too.
Basically, I would like to see this scalable.

As a side note: I notice both of your proposals so far deal with
distributed systems. My proposal deals with distributed databases and
allowing rails to interact with them (Sorry for the shameless plug). I
was wondering if I could get your impressions on my proposal since are
projects are sort of similar (maybe loosly). Thanks.

Thanks for the suggestion Allen. Considering the scalability of this
solution, I'm thinking on use starling to handle the asynchronous
calls. Starling by itself is a perfectly scalable solution that allows
you to add separated servers to handle asynchronous messages. My
plugin should provide an easy way to configure extra servers if
necessary. You can check episode 128 of Railscasts for an example of

I'll give a look to your proposal later on.