I want to put some icons in a web and I want to know how can I detect
if a person has a gravatar so in case they don't have one I want to
show another icon, can anyone help me??
Thanks in advance

I tried a while ago to implement this and finished doing a column in
the users table saying wants_gravatar:boolean. If it was true, then
the user.face method would return their gravatar picture like so:

  if wants_gravatar?
      self.avatar ? self.avatar.public_filename : DEFAULTFACE

but actually checking wether the email address mapped any pictures in
gravatar or not, i could not find a way. I decided that if the user
wanted a gravatar an didnt have one, hed just get the gravatar logo.
it was so much less painfull to implement.

It still appreciate if anyone knew how to perform the check.


seems there are two plugins available:

but none of them seems to implement any check, if a gravatar exists
as far as I can see, the only thing possible is to set one of three
default images: