Graph view


   I am working on the social networking application where I have to
show all my connections in graph view uptoi some k levels of graph. I
am almost done with the back end code and I am struggling to display
the connections in the browser. Is there any library for the UI
library which can simplify my task. Please let me know if you know
some thing.


Hi Ramu,

This may not be ideal, but I've been using the dot graphing language to
generate simple directed graph images and USEMAPs which can assign an
arbitrary url link to each node. I'm using this in a prototype, not in
a "production" system.

See for information on the dot language, once
you have dumped your connection information to the dot language you can
use a command like the following

dot -Tcmapx -o -Tgif -o base.gif

to build the image and the usemap which should be included in your view
using something like the following.

<%="") %>

<%= image_tag("base.gif", :usemap => '#map_name') %>

I'd be interested to hear better solutions for this problem.

Best -- Eric

"" <> writes:

Thanks for your reply. But, I am not looking for generating the gif
file. Because If one of the node has 200 direct childs (connectons)
then the look and feel of the graph wont be nice. So I am planning to
show 7 to 10 contacts with the next previous buttons at the first
level. And each node in the graph should be clickable and once I click
on one of the node that node should expand as the root node and it
should able to generate new graph with the clicked node as the root
node. It should always show 5 levels with next and previous buttons.

Any help or suggestions.