Google Ajax Search API - UTF-8 encoded response

Hello All,

I am writing a facebook application in ruby on rails, which requires
google search in one page.
I've implemented this using a simple RESTful interface as follows:

url = URI.parse( "
local?v=1.0&q="+params[:keyword] )
req ="?"+url.query)
res = Net::HTTP.start(, url.port) {|http|
http.request(req) }

The response has a Content-Type of text/javascript; charset=utf-8. and
in JSON format

So, I'm decoding the response into a hash as
hash = ActiveSupport::JSON.decode(res.body)

But, the data still contains some special characters starting with \u
(utf-8 characters)

How to decode them into html text in ruby?

Thanks in Advance,

Hello Everybody,

Is there anything like Unicode.deocode(str) (I found it somewhere when
I googled, but not working )??
I have installed unicode using gem install unicode, but couldn't get
how to use it.

Please please help me out solving this problem.


Prasad wrote: