GIT help

Hi All,

I have my own development area on my laptop, and I of course use git extensively. Then once I am done with required changes I do ‘git push origin master’.

But I always have to do ‘git reset --hard’ to make my changes active. I know there must be a better way. Just to clarify, I never ever change anything on the production system, and no logs are in the repository.

What is a better way to do a merge. On the server, when I do git status, it tells me that certain files have changed and are waiting to be committed, exact same files as I just pushed to the server.

What am I doing wrong here ?

In the future I would like to clone the repo to another computer and even have more than 1 person working on the site.

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I'm sorry, but I think this has nothing to do with Ruby and/or Rails.
you should have, AT THE VERY LEAST, tagged it as OT.
Resetting things to make changes active is not a normal practice with
git. Maybe something is wrong with you repository, you shoud get the
git docs and try to repair it, or maybe re-init it, but for sure you
should get any good git documentation. Man pages should be enough for
this, or you can find some book, there's a few out there.