Getting to work the Ajax Example in Agile Web...

I've been reading Agile Web Development on Rails and getting to work each of the examples UNTIL the example of AJAX in Chapter 23 ("The Web, V2.0" by Justin Gehtland).

I've written the code exactly per "The Search Example" (or, at least I think I have...)

I keep getting a method not found error for the "conditions_by_like" method. Per the book, this is code from the Streamlined framework.

The streamline plugin is installed (I'm told so when I try to install it again).

Per the plugin README, I added the line "include StreamlinedHelper"to app/helpers/application_helper.rb.

But after HOURS of trying varied things to get it to work, I still can't get past the method not found error.

I think I'm missing something on how to get the Streamline "relevance_extensions" to be installed and recognized, but don't know what.

Can any please assist me here??




What finally worked was creating a clean application and following the steps per the link you gave to For some reason my application was NOT installing the plug-in (saying installed already). When I actually got the plug-in installed and followed the tutorial steps, it worked even better than expected..(streamline does a lot).