Getting strange uninitialized constant error in 4.1.1

Just updated to 4.1.1, and now I get the following:

actionpack-4.1.1/lib/action_controller/base.rb:204:in `<class:Base>': uninitialized constant AbstractController::Rendering (NameError)

when I either run a generator or try to start the server. This is on a completely blank new app: rails new test_app, cd test_app, rails s.

Complete trace is here:

Anyone seen similar? Rolling back to 4.0.5 to get something done today...


I’m getting the same error, but only when I use prototype as the default javascript library instead of jquery. When I use jquery, I don’t get an error.


This looks like it’s related to some strange behavior when loading ActionView::TestCase in a non-test environment. You may want to report the issue on the prototype-rails issue tracker or comment on some of the existing issues: (merged but then reverted) (similar issue with Devise)

–Matt Jones