"Getting Started" unnecessarily confusing

Got a minor gripe here, but let me first say I’m thankful for whoever wrote this document so that I could learn from it. I know I’m not entitled to anything at all.

That said, the Getting Started doc here…

… was unnecessarily confusing for me. Two examples: (Keep in mind, I’m totally green to Ruby as others using this doc probably are. Don’t even know basic syntax at this point.)

  1. The use of the word “post”. Why… WHY… would someone in their right mind choose the term “post” for an example that uses HTML forms and POST methods? Take a look at item 5 and below and you can see where the total beginner would be frustrated by the appearances of “post”, some of which refer to the HTTP method and some of which refer to the controller/view/REST designation or whatever the author chose to use.

  2. The use of the word “text”. This one isn’t quite as bad, but still very suboptimal. For instance, under item 5.4, you’ve got $ rails generate model Post title:string text:text which, come on, should have been an immediate red flag to whoever was writing this.

I mean, I know, I know. This is nitpicky. And I know that seasoned Ruby developers see this as less than trivial. But for the ultra-green – i.e. less than 24 hours with Ruby – , the doc is tougher than it needs to be.