getting mysql gem to work with WAMP's MySQL

I use WAMP and I don't really want to install another MySQL just to work with Rails. How can I make the mysql gem use WAMP's MySQL?

as long as your app's database.yml has the the port, ip address etc... of the instance of mysql you want it to use everything should just work. You might need to fiddle around with PATH settings so that windows can find the mysql dlls.


Thanks. It's just that when I tried to require 'mysql' in the irb, it gave me an error telling me the libmysql.dll or something couldn't be found and that I'd need to reinstall/repair mysql.

I just tried to use MySQL and it didn't work. I even installed a new one and it still doesn't work. Any ideas?

Hi Mike,

This was fixed by copying the libmysql.dll located in the mysql installation location to the Ruby/bin directory. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, You can discover even more problems.

WAMP has a MySQL version: 5.1.36

and rails work best with: 5.0.X (for me worked with 26)

I don't remember when these things happen, but You better keep that in mind :slight_smile: