Getting Information about users viewing the page.

Hi All,

I would like to implement a feature like,
I Would like to know which all users are currently viewing a page in my
Rails Application at any given instant.
I use Restful Authentication plugin for User Authentication.

Any Suggestions regarding how I can proceed on this ,would be really


Since HTTP is stateless protocol you haven't such opportunity.
But of course there are some ways to emulate such things.

Here are the brief review for some of them:
* you may check the time of last viewed page for authenticated users
e.g. everyone who visited the site within 5 minutes is online.
* with the same approach you may try to track non-authenticated users
by their IP addresses (but don't forget to take care of all related
stuff in this case, like removing expired visit records from your DB )
* also you may try to add some AJAX script which will pull the server
each 3 minutes from browser, which give you to know that user is
online but just viewing the same page...