Getting a list of models in a Rails app...

def get_models
  models = []
  Dir.glob( RAILS_ROOT + '/app/models/*' ).each do |f|
    models << File.basename( f ).gsub( /^(.+).rb/, '\1')

this solution tracks the event of deriving from ActiveRecord::Base. it has very limited capabilities but maybe it’s helpful for you

class Class
@@ar_classes = []
alias :old_inherited :inherited
def inherited(cls)

@@ar_classes << cls if cls < ActiveRecord::Base
old_inherited cls

def self.ar_classes

derived classes can be dumped with >> Class.ar_classes

You can use:
ActiveRecord::Base.send :subclasses

Depending on your need, you may want to use the approach of looking
for the files. Rails does not load models until necessary, so unless
all the models have been used, looking for subclasses through any
means will not provide you with all your models.

Dan Manges