Get Item data in sub-item view


I’ve list of features.

class Feature < ActiveRecord::Base has_many :assets, dependent: :destroy end


and assets, that belongs to feature:

class Asset < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :feature validates :feature_id, presence: true end


i have one sample feature in db, and a link to show assets for this feature:

<%= link_to 'Show Assets', assets_path %>


Now, when i follow the link, list of assets is shown. Actually it is empty, as there are no assets in database. I need to show what feature this assets are belongs to (there’re no assets, but that shouldn’t make any difference).

I’ve tried with this:

Listing Assets for <%= asset.feature.try(:engtitle) %>



undefined local variable or method `asset’ for #<#Class:0xb4ce52e8:0xb55c4440>


and this

Listing Assets for <%= @feature.try(:engtitle) %>


raising exception, but there’s definitely engtitle for this feature in database.

What am i doing wrong?


Listing Assets for <%= asset.feature.try(:engtitle) %>

If there are no assets, what is asset set to? Clearly it’s set to nil right now, but what did you think it should be set to, and why?

<h1>Listing Assets for <%= @feature.try(:engtitle) %></h1>