get all the month between 2 year in ruby on rails

i take the current date and find the last year in ruby with 1.year.ago. so i got 2 years 2010-12-14 to 2011-12-14. My question is how to get all the months between these two dates in ruby in rails…? also these dates will change depend on the current system date…

thank you


What have you tried? Where have you looked for solutions? What
problems have you encountered?

Have a look at the documentation for the Time class, there are many
methods that you can use.
When you say you want to "get" the date do you mean you want it in a
variable or you want to convert it to a string for display?
If you want it in a variable then you can make a new Time object using
day, month, year from original one (leaving hours, mins, seconds as
zero so it represents the start of the day). If you want it as a
string then look at strftime.