Geodata SQL statements with multiple results in the controller

Hi Everyone-

In my project I need to take a zip code and get all the schools within
the selected mile radius of that zip code. In addition I will need to
check to see if the user selected any other items to add to the

My problem is the geo code will return multiple results and I need to
get that result into the final sql string.

The flow is this:

Get the zip code and mile radius the user submitted - then run a query
and get all schools within that mile radius of the user's zip code.

Take the results of that query and create a new query with the other

The problem is the geo query returns multiple results and I need to
access that array in the controller - is this possible by creating a
class in the model? How would I access that array in the controller
to prepare it for the second sql statement?

Thank you!

Have you looked at any of the geo-location plugins that are kicking around? There’s a (slightly out of date) comparison chart at:

In particular, you might like to check out acts_as_locatable which will allow you to build queries of the form:

School.find_within_radius(1, zip_code)

I wrote some notes on extending that to accept other conditions. You can find my blog entry about it at: