Generating links iin mails : Action Mailer


I am using action mailer. I want to use embedded links such as : Instead of using , i want it as My Company which can be clicked with href to

But in the mails that go out i get the links in raw form: <a href='’>Take a tour</a>

How do i fix this? Please suggest.

Regards, SG

Figured this out: I just had to add this :slight_smile: content_type "text/html"

I have a similar problem. How do I generate links in emails that work both on localhost and on the live server?

Here's an example email:


You have a new e-pet. Please check the page at http://localhost:3000/pets/&lt;%= %> for more details.

Salutations, ePets

This works fine when I'm using localhost:3000 in development, but how can I make it so the link works on both the local server and the live server?