Generating helpers through the `g controller`

Hey everyone,

I’m curious to know if you’ve ever experienced this peculiar sensation when encountering helpers with the same names as their corresponding controllers, immediately after employing the rails g controller command.

Upon executing the rails g controller foo command, both foo_controller and foo_helper are generated. This scenario has consistently led me to believe that helpers are somewhat “linked” to controllers, implying that the methods within foo_helper should exclusively be utilized within the views of foo_controller. However, this perspective is incorrect, given that the default value of include_all_helpers is set to true.

In my viewpoint, it would be more logical for this behavior of generating foo_helper to persist only when include_all_helpers is set to false.

It appears that this behavior might have been overlooked over time, particularly considering that the default value of include_all_helpers was false in the past.

I appreciate it if you’re able to share your thoughts. I’m eager to learn more, especially since I’m new to the world of Rails.